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Disney Covid-19 Re-Opening

Added: May 28, 2020
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We are pleased to share that Central Florida is re-opening and welcoming guests back.

Social distancing is now part of our daily lives and will continue for quite some time. At Orgova Vacation Homes, we recognize there is a balance between social distancing and getting back to somewhat normal daily lives.

Before going further, we would like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers for everything they have done and continue to do for all of us.  We are very grateful for all of their sacrifices made so all of us can start rebuilding our lives in this new world of social distancing. 

Orgova Vacation Homes recognizes that things will be different, yet some things will remain familiar.  One of the things that sets Orgova Vacation Homes apart, we have always had high standards to cleanliness and that is one area we have never cut costs.  Now, more than ever it is important the home you choose or hotel you stay in meets the highest standard of cleanliness.

TIP:  Our homes and townhomes have their own individual AC & Heating System.  This is important, as common areas of a hotel utilize shared HVAC systems which in turn recirculates the air you breathe. 

At Orgova Vacation Homes, we personally find it frustrating to read so many articles with misinformation about the parks which are laced with personal opinions and guesswork.  We decided to stand true to our values and be that refreshing company that provides only factual official information, and our personal experiences.  As such, we have refrained from posting click-bait articles just for the sake of keeping our name out there. 

However, the time has finally come that all four major theme parks have made their official announcements regarding their Covid-19 reopening plans and we are here to help you make sense of it all.  Since there is a lot of information to go through, we will post different blogs for each park starting with Walt Disney World Resort, but will provide you with opening dates for all the other parks as well:

Theme Park Opening Dates in order:

Lego Land- June 1st 

Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure & Volcano Bay – June 5th

Universal Citi Walk – Select Venues Reopened

Sea World Parks – June 11th

Disney: Phased Re-Opening July 11 – Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom

                Phased Re-Opening July 15 – EPCOT & Hollywood Studios

                Disney Springs – Select Venues Re-Opened

Disney Facts

Disney announced their Covid-19 re-opening plans.  In a phased re-opening approach as follows:

Disney will re-open The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th   with reduced hours.  As of this blog the hours are: Magic Kingdom 9 am – 7 pm and Animal Kingdom 8 am – 6 pm.

Disney will re-open EPCOT and Hollywood Studios on July 15th also with reduced hours.  EPCOT will open 11 am – 9 pm and Hollywood Studios will open 10 am – 8 pm. 

Waterparks are expected to open in July with no specific information provided at the time of this blog.

Disney Springs, re-opened some of its stores and restaurants on May 20 with World of Disney & Market Place Co-Op re-opened May 27th.  The two major Disney Stores, gave us a taste into their social distancing plan with virtual lines where you sign up to reserve your shopping time.

Health and Safety Protocols

Disney has released its official plan, but please be aware as guests begin to arrive and parks begin to operate plans will evolve.  One thing we are certain about is that Disney will adapt accordingly.  Some of the major items in their plans are: theme park capacity, enhanced protective measures (face “coverings”,  additional hand washing/sanitizer stations, plexiglass at points of sale, additional signage, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning/sanitation efforts, temperature/health screenings upon entering theme parks & limited contact enhancements such as mobile food ordering, cashless transactions, etc.).

What will be different?

In order to be compliant with social distancing, you will now be required to make a park time reservation to enter the parks.  Disney is currently working on a new reservation system to book your park time and when they release further information, we will let you know. 

Currently, you cannot make fast pass or dining reservations.  While Disney is in the process of creating this new reservation system, their fast pass and dining system has been taken off line.  There is no official word on when the system will be available for reservations nor if it will be the same or part of the new park time reservation system.  More information to follow as it becomes available.

TIP:  All of our vacation homes come with fully equipped kitchens.  Remove the stress of wondering where you will be able to get a table, how long the virtual line will be, and enjoy some of your meals at one of our homes.  Don’t want to cook?  That’s ok, we can provide you with some of our amazing local vendors who can cater meals, recommend some great local curbside to go locations, rent a BBQ from our rental partner, or just pick up some prepared meals at the gourmet section of a local supermarket. 

If you were considering an on-site Disney stay, know before you go that social distancing will also be throughout the resorts including the pools. 

TIP:  Rent an Orgova Vacation Villa as most of our homes and townhomes have their own private pool.  With your own private pool, you won’t have to be concerned about spending your vacation budget at a resort where once you arrive you will have limited time at the pool if you can even get a reservation time.  Personally, we cannot imagine having a relaxing day poolside while having to tell our kids pool-time-slot if over and we have to leave.      

 Face Coverings/Masks

Face Coverings such as masks will be required at all Disney Parks, Resorts, and Disney Springs.  We have been to Disney Springs several times since re-opening, and face masks are required to enter.  You can remove your face covering to eat or drink, however you are required to wear them at all other times.  To be honest, we have seen people walking with their mask removed or hanging.  We are still in May, and it is indeed hot when breathing in a mask on a sunny day.  It is a personal decision how you feel wearing a face covering in the heat, but know before you go that Disney has a new set of Cast Members known as the Social Distancing Team.  The Social Distancing Team will engage with guests to ensure social distancing guidelines are met in queues as well as throughout all areas of the parks and resorts.  

TIP:  All of our vacation homes include in home laundry.  Now more than ever, it is important to be able to wash your clothes, face coverings and more.  Having laundry access in your private vacation home means less time you have to carve out to do your laundry or pack enough clothes and coverings to ensure you start the day fresh.

Fireworks, Parades, Character Meet and Greets and Other High Touch Points

In the beginning of their phased opening, Disney has stated they will temporarily suspend any and all gatherings that draw crowds or are considered high touch points such as play grounds.  It is undetermined how long this gathering suspension will be in effect.  For these activities, it’s a wait, see, and adjust the plan.  Social distancing is such a new concept for businesses that rely on crowds such as theme parks and will be continuously evolving.   

We would once again, would like to welcome you back to Central Florida and let you know that Orgova Vacation Homes is ready to be your host of choice.  Now, more than ever is a great time to stay in one of our refreshing vacation homes to unwind and recharge yourself. 

From all of us at Orgova Vacation Homes: Welcome Back!

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