The Magic Is Still There


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The Magic is still there

Added: Oct 06, 2020
Category: Disney

Many Have Asked: Is The Magic Still There?


Covid-19 has made the unimaginable a current reality. Living in our “new normal” is far from what any of us ever thought we would be experiencing in our lifetimes.  One thing in these uncertain times, is creating memories with family and friends is more important than ever.

Living just minutes from the parks, we are continuously asked if the parks are really like what we see posted on social media and if the magic is really still there. The answer, is a not just a simple yes or no.  We have been to all of the parks and Disney Springs many times since reopening, and in our experiences Disney Cast Members are doing a great job making people feel safe, socially distant and as magical as possible. Some of the typical offerings you would expect from a Disney vacation have been modified, temporarily suspended, and some even eliminated. Feel free to contact us for more information, look on social media, or read the blogs for a wealth of information on what has changed.

The experience in the park is very different these days, but still very enjoyable.  Our family is all about the rides, so for us we have had a blast and the parks don’t feel much different than what then they did pre-Covid.   There are plenty of food offerings and window shopping to be done, minus a few of our favorites which are still closed.    The reality is, park attendance is down significantly due to many reasons including capacity limitations. Many cannot or don’t want to travel and spend money while missing some experiences, and of course there’s the mask mandate.  But, due to social distancing the parks feel like a typical normal day and on some days even more crowded.    Wait times seem to be high, but in our experience, lines do move faster than the posted times.   Characters, come out as spontaneous mini cavalcades, but recognize you cannot do a meet and greet.

Wearing a face mask in the heat of the summer is not easy, but was not impossible for us. We highly recommend each person consider their own personal tolerance before booking a trip, however the good news is the cooler months are here making the mask much more tolerable.   

The magic is still there, though it’s different than past experiences. Disney, is doing an exceptional job balancing safety and providing people with magical time that we all have come to love and know when going to the parks.

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